50+ Workout

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Allot of older individuals are concerned about working out because of the risk of injury associated with exercise, but there are forms of exercise that are great for people over 50. Swimming, yoga, pilates, and other exercises that focus on joint stability and flexibility should be utilized to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Below is a workout that can be performed in the comfort of your home. Consult your doctor before attempting this workout if you have any health complications.

1. Sit to Stand

The sit and stand is a lower body exercise that targets the legs and forces the individual to balance the body during the concentric and eccentric movement of the exercise. Often times an individuals ability to stand up and sit down by themselves determines there ability to maintain an independent lifestyle.

2. Standing Hip Abduction

Weak hips are a very common problem effecting older individuals. Standing hip abduction is great for maintaining strength in the muscles responsible for hip movement.

3. Overhead Press

Overhead press is great for strengthening the shoulders and rotator cuff muscles. This exercise can be performed with or without weight depending on your fitness level.

You did it!

Now that you're familiar with some simple exercises you can do around the house, consider some other forms of exercise like swimming, yoga, or resistance band training.

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